Belarus News Round-Up Day 192: The regime raids HR Defenders, journalists and activists

Stand With Belarus From early morning an attack on independent journalists, Human Rights defenders and members of independent workers’ union began throughout Belarus. Founder of charities BY_help and BYSOL stated that police came even to […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 191: White-red-white is my Flag

Stand With Belarus 345 criminal cases were initiated on crimes related to protests. Mostly these are cases of violence or threat to police officers. Many already sentenced to jail time. And… Zero cases initiated about […]

Belarusians Ask Biggest IT Companies To Create White-Red-White Flag Emoji

Belarusians deserve to have their flag among other national flags. A petition has appeared on addressed to Mark Zuckerberg, Timothy Cook, and Sundar Pichai. Belarusians are asking them to add the white-red-white flag emoji on Facebook, Instagram, Android, […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 190: Partisans cannot be stopped

Stand With Belarus Early in the morning residents of Khaciezhina marched together with white-red-white flags Yesterday we reported that police raided a concert. Today the police commented on detention of people: “Alcohol, drugs, children? .. […]

Residents of the Square of Changes Published a Video of Police Hitting A man in Elevator

“There Are Cameras, Cameras!” Residents of houses from the Square of Changes shared a video from surveillance cameras on November 15, when the security forces harshly dispersed those gathered for the rally in memory of […]

Human Rights Activist Rabkova Facing New Charges

Maryia Rabkova faces up to 12 years in prison. Human rights activist Maryia Rabkova was charged again, as the term for previous one – the financing of riots – was soon to expire. The Investigative Committee has […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 189: Make Belarus, not war

Stand With Belarus Miner Yury Korzun was sentenced to 15 days in jail for participating in protest. It is not specified which protest he participated, moreover, he was arrested when he wanted to bring his […]

Coffin of Dictatorship Brought to The Embassy of Belarus in Vilnius

The action was organized by the granddaughter of the legendary Nina Bahinskaya On 13 February, an demonstration took place in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, Belsat reports . The coffin of dictatorship was carried through the center of Vilnius, […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 187: Still going strong

Stand With Belarus Lukashenka is requesting a new loan from Putin. This time – $3 billion. 6 month ago, he got $1.5 loan from Russia During the assembly Lukashenka started his speech not with his […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 186: Sleepless nights

Stand With Belarus Achieve photos, 10 February 2021. Belarus is under occupation. To be serious, Lukashenka’s regime places red-green flags everywhere. We heard that grocery shops must have a flag, IT offices etc. That way […]