Belarus News Round-Up Day 212: International Women’s Day

Stand With Belarus Peaceful demonstration in solidarity with Belarusian wonder women took place in New York Women’s demonstration on the train – they dressed in white and red clothes and reading books in Belarusian language. […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 211: Fight Like A Belarusian Girl

Stand With Belarus Yesterday’s solidarity demonstration in the center of Wrocław, Poland Austrian solidarity with ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy in Belarus! Belarusians are congratulating women with upcoming International Women’s Day. One of the […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 210: A Person Is Destined To Be Free

Stand With Belarus Residents of Zialiony Bor are in solidarity with a resident of “Pirs” apartment complex, who was arrested and sentenced to 15 days in jail for having white-red-white flag on his balcony he […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 208: Hibernation Is Over

Stand With Belarus Estonian university announces scholarship competition for Belarusian students. The Institute of Political Science of the University of Tartu invites Belarusians to compete for International Relations and Regional Studies and Politics and Governance […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 207: Look Out Of The Window, Don’t Watch TV!

Stand With Belarus Football fans of FC Islach join the nationwide boycott campaign. Fans stated: “Together we decided to change our position – to boycott the Belarusian championship because of what is happening in our […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 206: Jail For Truth

Stand With Belarus Investigative Committee: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is wanted. The relevant documents for her extradition were submitted to the General Prosecutor’s Office At the same time a document was published from Homiel Investigative Committee: “For […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 205: Spring Arrived – Wake Up!

Stand With Belarus According to human rights defenders, last month 102 people (88 men and 14 women) were convicted in politicized criminal cases in Belarus. 3 juveniles were sentenced from 2 to 6 years in […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 204: Once You Choose Hope Anything’s Possible

Stand With Belarus Partisans of Salihorsk address to Yara who continues to trade with the dictator despite brutal arrests, beatings, torture and violation of basic Human Rights Football fans of 7 teams will boycott matches […]

Women fight for Belarus’ future

For months now, women have been out on the streets in Minsk, demanding democracy. Now, an exhibition in Lithuania called “The Future of Belarus, Fueled by Women” is showcasing photographs of the protests, DW reports. […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 203: Freedom is The Power To Live As One Wishes

Stand With Belarus Photographer Dzmitry Brushko combined his 2020 photos with those of his father Siarhei Brushko from the 1990s. Revision 30 shows the changes in Belarusian society from Perestroika to the present through the […]