Belarus News Round-Up Day 215: Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Belarus News Round-Up Day 215: Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Stand With Belarus

Our will cannot be suppressed! – Residents of Svietlahorsk [67k population] demand freedom to all political prisoners of Belarus

olish-Belarusian musician from Hrodna and political prisoner, Ihar Bantsar is on hunger strike for 9 days

Belarusian authorities once again gave away high-rank positions to law enforcement officers. New Minister of Emergency Situations – former head of Hrodna region Vadim Sinyavsky. Head of Investigative Committee – KGB officer Dmitry Gora

Interestingly, it was Dmitry who last year headed the interdepartmental commission to check the facts of post-election beatings & torture by law enfacement officers. As of 11 March, 0 criminal cases initiated against police officers

On the evening of March 10, more than ten people were detained at Lebyadziny district. At least two women are raising minor children. According to the new law they cannot be detained for more than 3 hours. Nevertheless, they spent the night at Akrestina prison

18 year old resident of Mahilou was sentenced to two months for writing “3%” on the asphalt. In addition he has to pay $20 for the damage. “3%” is some kind of a joke what is the real % of Lukashenka’s supporters

9 years ago Lukashenka signed a secret decree allowing the military to legally disperse protests. The Belarusian People’s Tribunal published a response from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to an Investigative Committee employee, which says that after the elections, military units were formed to disperse peaceful protests.

The reply refers to Lukashenka’s decree No.99-c of February 23, 2012. And one more interesting fact: from the document, the MIA did not keep any records of the number of participants in the demonstrations, as well as of those detained, so random numbers that we heard is a hoax

The Minsk resident was sentenced to 3 years of “chemistry” [forced labor, Belarusian version of GULAG] for threats to the wife of OMON officer. Although the examination of the defendant’s phone did not reveal any messages with threats

Wonder women of #Belarus marched with white-red-white umbrellas through the center of Minsk

Ihar Losik was charged again. In front of the investigator and the lawyer, he tried to cut his vein and went on a dry hunger strike in protest. Earlier Ihar went on a hunger strike for 42 days

Belarusian diasporas from Saint Petersburg, Wrocław, Kyiv and Moscow are saying hello to partisans who continue to fight against dictatorship

Another political prisoner Aliaksandr Kabanau tried to cut his veins. He was placed in a punishment cell. He tried to commit suicide because of unsanitary conditions in the cell. Often police purposely turns off water & deny access to hygienic products for opposition activist

As a way of intimidation the opposition activists are placed in cells with people suffering from delirium or substance withdrawal syndrome, people who tell them that they have HIV to scare them. It is a regime tactic to break a person. Not mentioning that police take away masks

All of this during the pandemic

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