Belarus News Round-Up Day 205: Spring Arrived – Wake Up!

Belarus News Round-Up Day 205: Spring Arrived – Wake Up!

Stand With Belarus

According to human rights defenders, last month 102 people (88 men and 14 women) were convicted in politicized criminal cases in Belarus. 3 juveniles were sentenced from 2 to 6 years in jail

Yesterday’s demonstration in Berlin, Germany. Participants demanded to release all political prisoners in Belarus

Anharskaya district congratulates everyone on the first day of spring! “The authorities think that the tightening of the Administrative Code will stop us? Partisans of Anharskaya district make it clear: We are not afraid of you”, participants stated

“The Call of Spring” – wonder women of Belarus celebrate the first day of spring in red outfits, following white-red-white challenge that was proposed by famous Belarusian rhythmic gymnast

Football fans of FC Dnepr joins boycott of matches in solidarity with ongoing struggle for freedom & democracy. At this moment fans of 8 clubs decided to boycott all matches until the demands of Belarusian people are met

Readers of “Basta!” Telegram channel sent a photo of “Lukashenka’s stability in Kojdanau”. The sender stated: “If Putinism comes to us, will we have to learn how to fly?” referring to the bad quality roads in the regions of Russia

Alley of political prisoners appeared in Minsk

Spring arrived – wake up! Minskers continue to celebrate the first day of spring and remind each other about upcoming Freedom Day!

Belarusian journalists were detained 481 times in 2020. This is more than twice as much as in the previous six years combined.

– 3 journalists were shot and wounded while working at protests.
– Criminal cases initiated against 15 journalists.
– More than 50 websites blocked.

Belarusians in Canada sent letters to all women who are currently political prisoners in Belarus Join and congratulate these fearless women on International Women’s Day on March 8! You can use Google Translate and send it via vkletochku (in English)

From today trials can be held behind closed doors if witnesses say there is a threat to their safety. During Belarus protests , often the witness is a law enforcement officer, who doesn’t show his face and has a name Ivan Ivanov (English version John Smith)

Photo from real court

Many foreign media outlets, speaking about the protests, mention that “#Belarus has a female face”, because at the beginning of the protests, Belarusian women and brave grandmothers came out with flowers against the police violence & brutality

Woman’s face of Belarus by VERA.BEI

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund has submitted a list of Belarusian politicians, who are responsible for repression of athletes, to the Security Service of Ukraine

Poster: Athletes with people

54-year-old Uladzimir Malakhovsky was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. Uladzimir is father of two minor children. He has cancer, he went through chemotherapy four times, his body is weakened. Allegedly he tried to hit policeman and after the arrest used pepper spray

The man refuses to plead guilty. He also need to pay 3000 rubles [$1150] to the “victims”

FC Maladzyechna fans refuse to support the team until justice is restored in the country: “Friends, the past terrible year showed who is who, the team played for us and deservedly won bronze medals, for which many thanks to the guys! On the eve of the 2021 football season, we cannot but support our colleagues in the fan sector, and we also refuse to support the team, for reasons that are understandable for all people with brains! We are sure that the guys will understand us! We hope that the time will soon come and we will all meet at the stadiums of a free country! Long Live Belarus!”

New law passed in Belarus and now parents will be fined for children’s participation in unauthorized demonstration. State TV highly criticize parents who bring their kids to peaceful protests, meanwhile at pro-Lukashenka’s rallies

First photo is an event at OMON’s base

Welcome to Hellarus! – a new graffiti in Minsk inspired by Banksy’s work

“With your energy and determination, we buy food on loan”, – residents of Hrodna. Earlier food delivery company offered Belarusians to buy food on loan

Already 13 companies have moved to Latvia from Belarus. These firms have already begun operating, and five more are “in the process.” Poster: 404 democracy not found

“It is in our power to change everything. 25.03 – Freedom Day!” With the first day of spring new graffiti appear in cities, calling people to go out on the Freedom Day

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