Belarus News Round-Up Day 203: Freedom is The Power To Live As One Wishes

Belarus News Round-Up Day 203: Freedom is The Power To Live As One Wishes

Stand With Belarus

Photographer Dzmitry Brushko combined his 2020 photos with those of his father Siarhei Brushko from the 1990s. Revision 30 shows the changes in Belarusian society from Perestroika to the present through the archives of two photographers, father and son. More at rvsn30eng.

Residents of Brest are in solidarity with Volha Paulava who was sentenced to 3 years of “home chemistry” [forced labor, but you sleep at home] because she was “loudly chanting slogans, putting her hands up (victory sign) and continuously disturbed public peace”.

Andrei Ivanyushin was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail, Mikita Afanasieu and Mikita Tretyakevich – 3 years. The incident took place on 19 September near the shopping center “Europe”, when unknown people began to detain one of the motorcyclists, and the others began to defend him.

Deputy Commander of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Khazalbek Atabekov, who was commanding the brutal disperse, arrests, beatings at “ALMI” grocery show, loves to take photos in NKVD uniform. A person who admires Stalin’s repressions repeats them in Belarus.

Exactly 6 years ago, one of the leaders of the Russian opposition Boris Nemtsov was killed in the center of Moscow. In 2013 he said: “I really want Belarus to become free, and I can tell you why: because if you become free, then Russia will also have a chance to become free”.

Demonstration of Belarusians in Vilnius, Lithuania near Yara’s office

More than 35,000 people call on the Norwegian company Yara to stop cooperating with Belaruskali. Petition:

Belarusian authorities decided to study the opportunity of creating farms for mining cryptocurrency. Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich says that in some countries of the world this area is “developing successfully”.

Two residents of Minsk were sentenced to three years of “chemistry” [forced labor, Belarusian version of GULAG] for placing scarecrows with photos of politicians.

On 27 February 2020 there was the first case of COVID-19 in Belarus. Since then 156 medical workers died while fighting on the frontline. RIP to the heroes and respect to those who continue fighting with the pandemic.

Defense Lawyer Of Belarusian Political Prisoners: If Not Me Then Who?

Uladzimir Sozonchuk was disbarred, but he remained a person of principles.

One of the honorary consuls of Belarus in Italy resigns. Belsat reports that Antonio Sottile said that he does not want to do anything with Lukashenka anymore. He has been the honorary consul of Belarus since November 2011.

Belarus under Lukashenka’s regime: They keep an eye on passers-by, take pictures of windows and cars. They check mobile phones selectively from passers-by. Walking around the area”, – reader of Motolko Telegram channel.

Human rights center “Viasna” informs about the detention of a company of young people near Maladzyechna. 20 people were arrested, and one woman was taken to hospital. The reasons for the detention are being investigated.

Solidarity demonstration in support of ongoing struggle for democracy and freedom were held in Minsk, Berlin, Wrocław and Szczecin.

258(+7 today) people were recognized as political prisoners in Belarus:

Mikita Zalatarou (16 year old) – 5 years in jail;
Mikita Kharlovich – 5 years in jail;
Dzmitry Tsimashenka – 2.5 years in jail;
Aliaksandr Dziarkach – 4 years in jail;
Yuliya Kashaverava – 1.5 years in jail;
Aliaksandr Karatchenia – 1.5 years in jail ;
Natallia Rayentava – 8 months in jail.

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