• Maryia Kalesnikava Is Still In Jail Even Though Her Detention Term Is Over Today

  • Tortured Poles: They said that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was a hoax

  • 18 Months In Jail: Viciebsk Paramedic Convicted For Hitting Police Vehicle

  • Human Rights Activist Rabkova Facing New Charges

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System Goes To Pieces: Political Analysts Revealed Lukashenka’s Regime Weaknesses

Belarusian political analysts looked over the situation in Belarus and shared their views about the current protests, naviny.online reports. The metaphor of a fire in a peat bog, where the fire is not noticeable from […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 222: Winners Are The People Who Never Quit

Stand With Belarus 21 year old BSU student Ivan Datsishin was sentenced to 4 years in jail for throwing 1 stone at a police van He already payed [$130] for the damage of a vehicle. […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 221: I am going out! What about you?

Stand With Belarus Prosecutor General’s Office sent 468 criminal cases against 631 people to courts, these cases are related to participation in protests. 400 people have already been convicted The oligarch Yury Chyzh, who was […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 220: 291 Political Prisoners

Stand With Belarus Two political prisoners continue the hunger strike: Ihar Bantsar (from 3 March) and Dzmitry Furmanau (from 11 March). There are at least 287 political prisoners in Belarus Aliaksei Melnikau was sentenced to […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 218: It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done

Stand With Belarus Solidarity with political prisoners by residents of Senitsa. The number of which is growing almost every day. “ We will not give up as long as the repression continues, as long as […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 217: Freedom Now And Forever!

Stand With Belarus A message to Schwarzkopf asking them to stop paying for ads on regime state TV (price of ads on 3 channels is at least $1,5 m /month). Schwarzkopf replied that they would […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 216: We Believe! We Can! We Will Win!

Stand With Belarus There are at least 4 political prisoners in Belarus who are on hunger strike: Natalia Hersche (from 22 February), Ihar Bantsar (from 3 March), Ihar Losik (from 11 March) and Dzmitry Furmanau […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 215: Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Stand With Belarus Our will cannot be suppressed! – Residents of Svietlahorsk [67k population] demand freedom to all political prisoners of Belarus olish-Belarusian musician from Hrodna and political prisoner, Ihar Bantsar is on hunger strike […]

Belarus News Round-Up Day 214: Jailed, But Innocent

Stand With Belarus Investigative Committee initiated 4 criminal cases against blogger Anton Motolko. Anton is an author of “Motolko” Telegram channel where he shares information about what is going on in Belarus and does investigations […]

“You Must Forbid Them to Perform!”: Thousands Of Belarusians Attacked The Social Networks Of The Eurovision Organizers

People are outraged by the fact that Eurovision accepted a song that clearly mocks peaceful protesters. Eurovision Song Contest organizers announced a participant from Belarus – the pro-government band Galasy ZMesta, which mocks supporters of […]